Training schedule

Training Autumn 2019

We welcome new members any time during the semester! Just meet barefoot in comfy training outfit. You do not have to buy a karate suit (“gi”) the first semester. Note that if you don’t have a SiB training card, you have to pay an entry fee to SiB to the training hall.

The schedule from 22th of August 

Monday 17:00-18:30  hall #4  Studentsenteret
Friday 17:00-18:30  hall #1  Studentsenteret

Monday 17:00-18:30  hall #4  Studentsenteret
Thursday 18:00-20:00 basement of Social Sciences building
Friday 17:00-19:00  hall #1  Studentsenteret

Free training:
Friday 16:30-17:00  hall #1 Studentsenteret

Studentsenteret (the student centre) is located in Parkveien 1 (see map).

The Social Sciences building is in Fosswinckels gate 6 (see map).   Enter the main entrance, which is on the 3rd floor (!) and take the stairs all the way down  to the basement. At the bottom of the stairs, go through the glass door and take the first door on your right.

We are on Facebook! Add the group “BSI Karate” and receive info on training, parties and other social events.

You may train for free the first two weeks, before you decide wether to join us. Note that you must either buy membership in SiB, or pay a drop-in charge, to be allowed entry to the training hall, see their webpages. You must pay drop-in-charge to SiB during the first weeks also, as BSI and SiB are entirely different organisations.

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